ZABSolutions has provided more than 200 solutions to the industry. Amongst these, several are prize winning products, few of which are listed below.

SZABIST Admission System

The main features of the SZABIST Admission System (SAS) include online form filling, applications status tracking, message board, tests and interview management, applicants information management.


Shaheed Mohatrama Benazir Bhutto Website

A web site in the memory of Shaheed Mohatrama Benazir Bhutto focusing on the journey of her life and her will towards the progress and stability of our nation.

ZABFM 106.6 Website

A website developed for ZABFM SZABIST launches its university FM radio channel titling; ZabFM 106.6. It is non-commercial Radio Broadcast Station, exclusively to impart and disseminate education to the students

Szabist Alumini

Center for Management & Development

Szabist Model United Nations

ZAB Film Fest

Szabist CSR - CLUB

Szabist e-Learning

Szabist Executive Development Center

Szabist National Research Conference

Szabist Media Sciences

Szabist DeBeating Society

Szabist SSC

Szabist Young Senators

ERP for University (ZabDesk)

ZabDesk is the key to all processes at any academic institute, ZabDesk is a modular, client / server based system that covers all academic management tasks. It has been designed for automation of business processes at any academic institute or university, automating the academic, administrative, and financial processes to facilitate every individual and process involved.


ZabLIS is a client-server type of distributed system, which is used throughout the library for ordering, acquisition, cataloging, circulation and loans of library materials. The system is connected with ZabDesk for authentication, the university ERP system.
The ZabLIS can be accessed from PC's in the library, from workstations and terminals throughout the campus and, via the World Wide Web, from all over the world.

SZABIST Websites

The web site contains information about SZABIST, its campuses (Karachi, Dubai, Islamabad, Larkana), Alumni website, EDC website, Graduate Directory and activities on campus.

Knowledge & Aptitude Testing System

Knowledge & Aptitude Testing System features a fully integrated solution that supports the entire lifecycle of your testing program including test question preparation, test paper generation, authoring, publishing, test delivery, test administration and reporting.


Digital Attendance Register (DAR) is Workforce Management and is designed to track and monitor employees attendance, where keeping track of employees' attendance is vital to the efficiency of the business. DAR Allows companies to manage, monitor and produce reports of employees attendance.


As educational institutions gear up to take advantage of the Internet as a means of distance learning and digital libraries, SZABIST, a top ranking IT Institution in Asia, has taken an initiative to launch Internet Services by the name of ZABNET.

ZABNET is using state-of-the-art equipment from Sun and Cisco in technical collaboration with Alcatel Pakistan implementing a digital network of Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) offering superior quality of connectivity & speed.

Teaching Evaluation System

Teaching Evaluation system (TES) is designed to conduct and monitor the process of teaching evaluation carried out at an academic institute. This software automates the lengthy paper work otherwise involved for teacher's evaluation by the student every semester.

Journal of Independent Studies and Research

The Journal of Independent Studies and Research (JISR) is Pakistan's first online refereed journal with the objective of promoting research activities in Pakistan.

Published by SZABIST, a renowned Institute of Science and Technology ranked among the best in Asia by AsiaWeek and BusinessWeek, JISR is dedicated to the dissemination of research among institutions, universities, researchers, and students.

SZABIST e-Prospectus CD

Fully-functional online prospectus making use of any relevant multimedia and interactive content. It is focused on making the prospective students experience positive, in the belief that a positive impression will ultimately lead them to apply.

This CD-ROM can be used as either and addition to, or alternatively instead of the ordinary booklet type of prospectus. Similar in appearance and design to a web site, the CD-ROM has the benefit of having up to 650MB of memory which allows for everything from large video and audio presentations, to a virtual tour of institute.

Online Admission Testing System (OATs)

Online Admission Testing System is an advanced version of Knowledge & Aptitude Testing System (Kats 4.01). It has been designed for conducting online admission tests for various programs such as BBA, BSCS, BSMS, MBA, MCS at SZABIST.

Sukkur District Government Official Website

A Multilingual website developed for Sukkur District Government as the first step towards e-Government. The website is developed in Sindhi, Urdu and English languages.

Khairpur District Government Official Website

A Multilingual website developed for Khairpur District Government as the first step towards e-Government. The website is developed in Sindhi, Urdu and English languages.

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Website

A website to pay tribute to Quaid-e-Awam.


Portal for Pakistani exporters facilitating buying and selling.

Pakistan Insurance Corporation (PIC)

Information detailing company objectives management ,performance and other salient features.


Website providing information related to Management structure and Financial Details.


An Educational portal providing links to useful sites for all age groups.


An exclusive search facility with extensive coverage of up-to-the-minute news of 10 regions from around the world